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The Lake County High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area is comprised of various local, state, and federal agencies. Although its main focus is on drug related crimes, the HIDTA also deals with weapons trafficking, gang tracking, homicide investigations, financial corruption, and more. The primary agencies connected to the Lake County HIDTA include DEA, ATF, FBI, Indiana National Guard, Crown Point PD, Gary PD, East Chicago PD, and Hammond PD. Each agency has provided agents/officers in support of the war on drugs. The Investigative Support Center, comprised of well-trained civilian and military analysts who specialize in various areas of criminal investigative analysis, provides support to all agencies throughout the state and surrounding areas.

Please feel free to tour our site. You can find out more about the HIDTA and its initiatives, training opportunities, up-to-date news from around the area, downloadable forms, and ways to contact us. Use the links above to learn more about HIDTA's initiatives. As a security precaution anyone submitting forms will have their identity verified through their department.